The Poetry And The Times of (Hawa Jibril) BY: Faduma Ahmed Alim, Editor and Translator 24 Jul 2008
Saa Waxay Tiri: maansadii iyo waayihii Xaawa Jibriil; Then She Said: the poetry and the times of Hawa Jibril

Vision of the Book:

It has long been the dream of Faduma Ahmed Alim to see her mother's poetry published in Hawa's lifetime. There are several compelling reasons to do so. Most Somali well-known and published poets are men. Hawa Jibril is someone rare: a women poet who reached renown, boldly using both male and female forms according to her themes. Hawa's work distinguishes itself by its versatility of content and form and by its span of over seventy years and a landscape that shifts from nomadic plains, to Mogadishu, to contemporary Toronto. She has composed poems to complain, when she was twelve, about her younger brother; to confront an abusive husband; to refuse a marriage proposal as a middle-aged woman; to inspire Somali women to stand up for their rights and to pitch in and work towards their social goals; to give simple words of advice to her granddaughter; to register a complaint about a poorly run hospital; and to challenge corrupted politicians.

Now Faduma has produced a manuscript of a bilingual book which she hopes to have it published in the near future. The book aims mainly at three audiences:

1. Somali women both in Somalia and in the countries of the Somali Diaspora who want a written memory of Hawa Jibril's poems

2. Second generation Somali immigrants who do n't necessarily know well the language, but would like to learn about their cultural heritage

3. English speaking non-Somalis, who would be interested in the work, including adults, university students, and middle and secondary school children

The book includes:

- 41 selected poems in Somali and English, spanning the years 1933 to 2000

- A preface in Somali and English translation, giving the history and background of the poems and Hawa's life and times.

- Black and white Illustrations, evoking the visual landscape of the poems and people, from the nomadic life of the 1930,s to contemporary refugee life in Canada.

- Photographs of some of relevant places and people

Hawa Jibril, Poet:

Hawa was born over 80 years ago in a small village in the Mudug Region of Somalia. Hawa doesn't know precisely her date of birth; however, she recalls that she was born in the year of ¡§the Sparkling Rains. This is no wonder as the traditional Somali pastoralists record orally the date of their childrens birth based upon the events surrounding their birth, such as a decimating clan war; a devastating drought and famine; great and bountiful rains; or other major calamities that befall their country, such as foreign invasion and colonial penetration.

When in 1993, Hawa entered Canada as a refugee and without any legal document; she never thought that her date of birth would be an issue. In fact, because of her inability to provide the month and the day she was born to the immigration authority, she had to wait for more than five years to get her Canadian landed status.

Hawa descended from a family of poets, including her father, three for her siblings, and one of her paternal uncles. Her father, Jibriil Mohamed Essa, was a prosperous camel owner, pious sheikh, and respected poet. People in his clan believed that he was endowed with baraka!¨ (blessing), and in times of impending clan war or drought, they would ask him to pray to God for them. Very often God would answer his prayers, thus gaining him the appellative of Af ku leeble! (Literally arrow-mouthed person.)

Since her childhood, Hawa liked poetry and enjoyed listening to Somali folk tales. She memorized all kinds of Somali folk literature: poetry, songs for the herds, work and entertainment songs and children's lullabies. She composes her poetry mainly in the two more common forms of the Somali poetry: gabay and buraambur, the latter predominantly used by women. Her poems tell about her inner feelings and personal relations and her perspectives on events directly connected to Somalia's contemporary history, including the struggle for national independence, the post-independence years of parliamentary governments, the period of military rule, the civil war, and the present peace and reconciliation efforts.

The themes of her poems include:

„X Family grievances including wife abuse

„X Songs for the Somali flag and independence

„X Criticism of bad government

„X Social justice and equality for women

„X Raising awareness about the practice of female genital mutilation

„X The effects of chewing qat

„X The civil war

„X Old age and illness

„X Solitude in a new country

„X Refugees in Canada

„X Hope for a Somali peace and reconciliation

In Somalia, Hawa Jibril frequently recited her poems in public forums, in the orientation centres, and in the Somali National Theatre. Several of her poems were broadcasted on Radio Mogadishu, and published in Xiddigta Oktoobar. She recited her poems on the BBC Somali Service, VOA Somali Servie, and the Toronto based CBC, OMNI Television, City TV, and Codka Beesha. The Somali version of her poem Refugees in Canada, and it's English translation (by Faduma Ahmed Alim), were published in Canadian Women's Studies, Volume 19, Number 3, York University Publication (Fall 1999). As one of the Somali poets who were invited to the Arta Somali Peace Conference hosted by the president of Djibouti, and held in Djibouti in 2000, Hawa composed and recited two poems - The Good Will Endeavor Promoted by Djibouti and Message to the Delegates. On this occasion, the president of Djibouti Ismail Omar Gelle, as a sign of admiration and respect, stood up and, walking over to her place, kissed Hawa on the forehead. The Somali version and French translations of these two poems, along with her poems O Somalis Stop Fighting, It Was A Dream, O Flag of Somalia, The Civil War, O, Daughters of Eve!, and I Had a Dream, were published in the Djibouti paper La Nation of 6 July, 2000.

In April 2007, Hawa's life history and poetry formed the central inspiration and narrative for Bridge of One Hair, created by Jumblies Theatre and premiered at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre New World Stage Festival. A selection of eight Hawa's poems were included in this show and published in the accompanying program: I Am Not a Bridled Camel, O Flag of Somalia, The old Men Who Are Holding Us Back, Sisters, The Fratricidal War, Refugees in Canada, Nostalgia, and I Had a Dream.

Faduma Ahmed Alim, Editor and Translator:

Faduma had her education in Somalia, Egypt and Italy. She has graduated from the Arabic Section of the Department of Middle and Near East Studies of the Oriental Institute of Naples, in 1962. She has served in Somalia's sectors of education and culture over 24 years as teacher, school inspector, administrator, and government officer. She is also a social activist promoting women's rights and an advocate for humanitarian causes and social justice. In Canada she co-coordinated various projects serving refugees and new immigrants such as language instruction for new comers (LINC), mental health and other educational and community development programs. She has also translated into Somali the resource books Caafinmaadka ay Haweenku Heli Karaan dealing awareness about HIV and AIDS produced by Women's Health in Women's and Kelidaa iyo Kanada produced by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. In Somalia she co-founded various Somali women's associations, and over the years served in the boards of the following national and international organizations:

„X UNICEF Executive Board

„X Arab League Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

„X Somali Women's Movement

„X Somali Women's Democratic Association

„X The National Council for the Welfare

„X Somali Women for Action and Development Association

„X York Town Family and Children¡¦s Services

„X Montgomery Inn Museum

„X Community Social Planning Service-Toronto

„X Somali Immigrant Aid Organization (Presently Chair)

„X Jumblies Theatre (Presently board member)

Faduma speaks fluently Somali, Arabic, Italian and English. Both Hawa and her daughter Faduma, two of her grandchildren, and four great grandchildren are Canadian citizens.

Ruth Howard: illustrator

Ruth is a designer, visual artist, writer and the founder and Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre. She has created and produced many original theatre events brining together urban communities and professional artists, including Once A Shoreline at Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre in 2004, and South Riverdale's Twisted Metal and Mermaids Tears in 2000. She has extensive professional experience across Canada and in England as a set and costume designer; teaching credentials at many universities and colleges; and has given many presentations and workshops in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. She has also lead arts projects in numerous schools, with all ages and many collaborating artists..

Faduma has decided that self-publishing is the best way to bring Hawa's long-desired book into existence, and so she has recently signed a contract with AuthorHouse¡¨. She has already paid a basic publication fee, and the final manuscript is almost complete.

We are, therefore, asking those who would like to own a copy of Hawa's book, to pre-order a copy in order to support and expedite it's production.

For $30 you will receive a signed copy of the book, and your name will be included in the thankyous listed at the end of book. If the book is not available by the end of June 2008, then we will offer to return your money. I would like to pre-order ___ copy/copies of Saa Waxay Liri, Then She Said.




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(TL) Shirkaddaha shidaalka ka ganacsada ee soomaalidu ay ku leeyihiin (Bariga Afrika) waxaa ugu dhaq-dhaqaaq roonaa in mudaa wadamada Tansaaniya iyo Uganda. walow ay shirkadda ugu weyni ahayd shirkadda (Petro Africa) oo shidaalka maraakiib kula soo degta lehna haamo waaweyn oo ay ku kaydiso. inkasta oo haamaheedu ay ku yaalaan hareeraha magaalada (Daresalaam). (Petro Africa) xadi badan oo shidaal ah ha soo dejiso balse shidaaleyaasheedu ma ay badnayn waxayna ahaayeen 12 shidaale. dhamaantoodna ku yaala magaalada (Daresalaam) iyo hareeraheeda. shirkadda (Petro Africa) waxaa in mudo ah caqabad ku ahayd helitaanka haamo maraakiibtu ay shidaalka ugu shubaan oo ku filan dekeddana ku yaala. sida aan warka ku helayna shirkadda (Petro Africa) waxay caqabaddaas ka gudubtey sanadkii ina dhaafay ee 2010 -ka bilihiisii ugu danbeeyey,
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(TL) Shirkadda baaxadda weyn ee (Somgulf Group) ilaa iyo hada dhismayaasha ay wadanka imaraadka carabta (UAE) ka dhistay waa 5 daarood oo dheer-dheer. isuguna jira 2 daarood oo ay midiiba labo daarood oo isku mataanaysan ay yihiin. 3-da daarood ee kaleetana waa daaro midiib ay gooni u taagantahay. 3 daarood oo kamid ahi waxay ku yaalaan magaalada cusub ee (Emirates City). oo kala ah 1) (Somgulf Tawer), 2) (Venice Tawer1) iyo (Venice Tawer2). Magaalo madaxda maamul goboleedka (Ajman) ee Ajman farasmagaalaheeda xaafada ahna waxay ku leedahay daaraha mataanaha ah ee (Somgulf Twin Tawers) la yiraahdo. daarta [El Zour Tawer] layiraahdana Shirkadda (Somgulf Group) waxay ka taagtey magaalada (Sharja) ee isla wadanka imaraadka carabta (UAE). Shantaas mashruuc oo ay hirgelisey (Somgulf Property Development) oo ah farac ka mid ah shirko-horinta (Somgulf Group). qofkii danaynaya in uu guryaha shirkadda gato ama u baahan macluumaad kooda meeshaan ha tuujiyo (
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»Oday Dhaqameedyada Reer Tanadland Oo Weli Ku Sugan Magaalada Xamar Iyo Ganacsade (Cumar Maxamuud Sowjer) Oo Madaxweyne U Sharaxan Kuna Soo Fool Leh Caasimadda Soomaaliaya. 15 Oct 2013
[Sawirka kore waa (Cumar Maxamuud Sowjer), Ninka dhalinyarada ah ee u sawirkiisu hoos ka muuqdana waa (Maxamuud Ugaas Axmed Ugaas Maxamed)]. Ganacsade (Cumar Maxamuud Sowjer) waxuu kamid noqday dad badan oo u sharaxan inay u tartamaan xilka madaxweynenimada soomaaliya.Tirada iyo tayada dadka loolanka ugujira inay noqdaan madaxweynah soomaaliya waa'ay ka duwanyihiin musharixiintii indhawaale sabanodii hore aynu arkijirey. Dabcan waxaana ugu wacan isbedelka wanaagsan iyo rajada lagaqabo in ay umadda soomaaliyeed qarannimadeedii ay dib u soo noolayso. Ganacsade (Cumar Maxamuud Sowjer) wuxuu kamid yahay ganacsatada soomaaliyeed oo degaan ahaan ka soojeeda gobalka Bari. Mideeda kaleeto ganacsade (Cumar Maxamuud Sowjer) waa musharaxa keliya oo reer Tanadland ah ee u sharaxan jagada madaxweynenimada. Ganacsade (Cumar Maxamuud Sowjer) waa nin beeshiisa dhexdeed sumcad balaaran ku leh, Marka uu magaalada xamar tagana waxaa la filayaa in uu xubin ka noqdo xildhibaanada cusub ee baarlamaanka soo kooryahaya. Waxaana la filayaa beelaha aan beeshiisa ahayn inay ku sharfaan kursi xildhibaannimo. Maadaama beeshiisa uusan kursi ka helayn oo nimanka metalaya beesha (Maxamuud Cali) ay yihiin niman lamataabtaan ah. Oo dadka reer Tanadland ay isku raacsanyihiin in aan la bedelin.
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»Ganacsatada Reer Tanadland Ee U Fadhigoodu Yahay Wadanka (Arab Emirates) Oo Ku Shiray Magaalada Cusub Ee (Emirates City) 15 Oct 2013
Sawirka [Suldaan Cali Salaad Cismaan], Dad badan oo reer Tanadland ah asee aan xog-ogaal ahayn ayaa waxaa laga yaabaa inay isweydiiyaan su'aal ah, hadii ay shirayaan ganacsatada reer Tanadland ee wadanka imaraadka degan, maxay ugu shiriwaayeen magaalada (Dubai) oo ay ku doorteen (Emirates City)?. hadaba xaqiiqdu waxay tahay ganacsatada imaraadka degan ee reer Tanadland magaalada (Dubai) ha'ay ku badnaadaan, soomaalida oo dhanna ganacsatadeeda intooda badan (Dubai) xarun haw ahaato. balse ganacsiyada soomaalidu ay ku leedahay wadanka imaraadka, kuwooda ugu waaweyni waxay ku yaalaan magaalooyinka (Ajman) iyo (Emirates City). waxaana iska leh ganacsiyadaas kuwooda ugu waaweyn shirkaddaha reer Tanadland. sidii magaalada (Emirates City) sanadkii 2010 loo ebyeyna, waxay xarun u noqotay ganacsatada reer Tanadland ee ku nool wadanka imaraadka carabta. wax qarsoona maaha ee waa wax (Ajman) iyo wadanka intiisa kaleba soomaalida degani ay ogtahay.
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»Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda ee Dalka Canada oo Qaabilay Xubno Ka Tirsan Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed 15 Oct 2013
[Sawirka Cumar Ugaas Maxamed Ugaas Cali Iyo John Bird] Arboco, Agoosto 31, 2011 (HOL) - Labo xubnood oo ka tirsan jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed ee magaalada Ottawa ayaa shalay kulan la yeeshay wasiirka arimaha dibeda ee dalka Canada Mudane John Baird. Labadaas xubnood oo kala ah: Cumar Ugaas iyo Jamaal Xasan, ayaa wasiirka waxay kula kulmeen xafiiiskiisa wasaarada arimaha debeda ee magaalada Ottawa. Ugu horeyn, waxay xubnahaasi uga mahadaceliyeen shacabka iyo dawlada Canada sidii hagar la'aanta ahayd ee ay uga qayb qaateen gar-gaarkii loo fidinayey shacabka Soomaaliyeed ee abaartu samaaeysey. Waxaa kale oo ay xubnahaasi wasiirka kala hadleen qodobo ay ka mid ahaayeen: Abaaraha ka taagan Soomaaliya, baahida loo qabo in ay dawlada Canada ergay u magacawdo wadanka Soomaaliya maadaama wadanka Soomaaliya uu hada marayo marxalad aad u adag oo u baahan kaalmo bini aadan nimo iyo in ay qayb ka qaataan dib u heshiisiinta Soomaaliya. Waxaa kale oo qodabadii halkaas lagu soo qaaday ka mid ahaa la dagaalanka burcad badeedka iyo sidii loogu sameyn lahaa shaqo abuuris dadka dhalinyarada ah ee ku nool deegaanada burcad badeedku saameynta ku yeesheen, iyo weliba sidii sare loogu qaadi lahaa tacliinta sare ee jaamacadaha Soomaaliya.
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»Entrepreneur & Pioneer (CEO.Garaad Khaliif Nuur) Iyo Mashruuca Cusub Ee "Al Noor Twin Citys Djibouti And Yeman". 15 Oct 2013
Intii sabanadaan ahayd, amaba aan iraahdo 20-kii sanadood ee ugu danbeyey waxaa beecmushtariga soomaaliyeed ku soo kordhay nooc cusub oo ganacsiga wixii aynu (Gaado) u niqiin ah, amase gedislaha jeebka buuran ee xoolaha iyo hargaha gata waqtiga aysan ganacda lahayn. si uu uga macaasho marka ay ganac yeeshaan. beecmushtarka cusbu ee gaado'da soomaaliyeed "Somali Entrepreneurs" waxay uga duwanyihiin gaado'dii hore waa heer caalami. waxayna gaado'da caalamka kala midyihiin macaamilka iyo habka ay u ganacsadaan, halka ay gaado'dii hore ee soomaaliyeed ay lahaan jireen habdhaqan ganacsi iyo macaamil soomaalida u gooniya. Waraysiga (CEO.Garaad Khaliif Nuur) iyo macluumaad kale halka hoose ka fiirso.
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»Bangiga (Salaam Bank) Oo Magaalada Bosaso Laga Furay Iyo Bare-sare (Maxamed Jaamac Xaashi) Oo Madax Looga Dhigay. 15 Oct 2013
(TL) Shirkadda isgaarsiinta ee (Golis Telecom Soomaaliya) waxay 20 -kii bishatan feebaraayo ka furtay magaalada Bosaso bangi la yiraahdo (Salaam Bank). (Golis Telecom Soomaaliya) xafladdii furitaanka bangiga Salaam waxay ku soo bandhigtay qorsheyaal dhawr ah oo ay ku talajirto in ay fuliso. ayna ka mid yihiin bangiga islaamiga ah ee (Salaam Bank) iyo xarun cusub oo shirkadda u qorshaysan in ay ka dhisto magaalada Garoowe. xarunta cusub ee shirkadda (Golis Telecom Soomaaliya) oo ah daar 7 dabaq ka kooban, ayaa la filayaa in ay noqon doonto marka la ebyo daarta ugu dheer daaraha ku yaala gobolada Mudug, Nugaal iyo Bari. Bangiga (Salaam Bank) ayaa waxa uu ganacsatada soomaaliyeed u qabanayaa adeegyada lagu yaqaan bangiyada dunida muslimka intooda badan. ayna ka mid tahay noocyada kaladuwan ee maalgelinta xalaasha ah. magaalada Bosaso bangiga (Salaam Bank) bangigii ugu horeeyey ee laga furo maaha balse waa rug maaliyadeed iyo nooc beecmushtari cusub. walow bangiga (Salaam Bank) uu yahay bangi yar oo marka dhismaha xaruntiisa la fiirsho yaraanteeda, loo qaadan karo in bangiga (Salaam Bank) uu yahay bangi aan loogu talo gelin in uu faracyo kale yeesho,
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»Habka Cusub Ee Shirko-dulaasha Iyo Siyaalaha Ay Ganacsatada Tanadland Uga Faa'iideysan Karaan. 15 Oct 2013
(TL) Gabadha iyo wiilka reer Tanadland meel kasta oo ay dunida ka joogaan marka ay helaan hanti maaliyadeed oo ay damcaan in ay ganacsi ku furtaan waxa ay ugu jecel yihiin in ay ganacsigaas u bixiyaan waa (Tanaad). maxaa wacay?. Tanaad mar waa magaceenii, marna waa ducadeenii, marna waa saldanad deenii, Marna waa taariikh deenii, marna waa dhaqan waxqabsi iyo horumar umaddihii hore ee Tanaad looga bartay, oo jiilalkii danbe ka lumay loona baahanyahay in dib loo dhaqan geliyo. Tusaale ahaan dalweynaha shiinaha magaalada ganacsiga ku caanbaxday ee (Yiwu Trade City) waa suuqa aduunka ugu weyne oo alaabta jimlada looga qaato. waana magaalada ganacsatada ugu badan ee reer Tanadland iyo Soomaalida kaleba ay ku xiran yihiin. magaalada (Yiwu) dhawr shirkadood oo ganacsatada reer Tanadland ay leeyihiin ayaa xarumahoodu ay ku yaalaan. shirkadda ugu horeysey oo magaalada (Yiwu) xarun ka dhigatayna saad intiina badan ogtihiina waa shirkadda faracyada badan ee beesha (Bihni-weydow). Shirkadda (Tanad Trading Co.Ltd) waxay magaalada ganacsiga ee (Yiwu) xarun ku lahayd 27 sanadood. 1) Faraca 1aad Ee Shirkadda (Tanad Trading Co.Ltd) Street : Jiang Dong SI Qu 66 Dong 3 Hao, City : Yiwu Trade City, Province : Zhejiang, Country : China, Zip : 322000. Shaqaalaha shirkadda 23 qofood. Telephone:86-579-85213791,Fax:86-579-85213790, Mobile Phone:13174904975. CEO: Dr. Ali Osman Koshin
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»Maaddeeye Abwaan (Oogle Maxamed Jaamac "Harqaan") Iyo Weriye (Axmed Xasan "Cawke"), Abwaan (Oogle) Wuxuu Kamid Yahay Raga Farakutiriska Ah Oo Ay Umada Reer Tanadland Ku Leeyihiin Majaajiliisteyaasha Soomaaliyeed. 15 Oct 2013

»Dr Karani “Dib u xusuusasho, 17kii April, maalintii dhirta soomaaliyeed loo dabbaaldegi jirey.’’ 15 Oct 2013
(TL) [Sawirka Dr. Cabdulaahi Xaakin Axmed Karaani Ahna Mulkiilaha "Karani Palma Oil Mill, Morogoro, Tanzania]. Maanta oo kale oo bisha Aprilna tahay 17ka , waxaa Dadweynaha dalka soomaaliya u dabbaaldegi jirey, maalinta Dhirta soomaaliyeed, iyadoo la soo gunaanadayo hawlihii qabsoomay sanadka gudihiisa. Markaa, 17ka April habeynka ay soo galeyso sanad kasta, xaflad weyn oo ay ka soo qeybgeli jireen Madaxda dawladda iyo Dadweynaha soomaaliyeed, ayaa ka dhici jirtey gobollada dalkoo idil. Jaalle M.Siyaad iyo kacaankuu hogaamineyeyba, waxay siin jireen muhimmad weyn dhireynta dalka, bacaadcelinta iyo guud ahaan ilaalinta degaanka soomaaliyeed. Sanad kasta Wakaaladda Daaqa Qaranku, waxay qaban jirtey howlo aad u ballaaran iyo dhireyn, iyadoo kaashaneysey mashaariicdii badneyd oo Dawlado iyo hey’ado, ugu deeqi jireen Dalka Soomaalya.
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»Jaamacadda Gobolka (Xariir) Oo Lagu Mataanaynayo Jaamacadda Al-Madina International. 15 Oct 2013
(TL) [Jaaleyaal Ku Soo Dhawaada Xeebta Bilicda San Ee Magaalada Caasimadda U Ah Gobolka "Hoobaanle" Ee Bandarbayla] Gudiga midnimada qaranku wuxuu abuuray ururo wadaniya oo dhisa hay'adaha muhiimka ah ee lafdhabarta u ah horumarinta magaalooyinka tanadland sida, 1) ururka biyogelinta, 2) ururka caafimaadka, 3) ururka waxbarashada, 4) ururka dhaqaalaha. ururadaan waxaa ku mataanaysan shirkaddo madaxbanaan oo iskaashatooyin saamiley maalgeliyeyaal ah. Fursad ganacsi iyo shaqo abuurisna ka samaynaya mashaariicda ay rabaan in ay fuliyaan ururada wadaniga ah. waxaana looga baahanyahay ururada wadaniga ah iyo iskaashatooyinka macaashdoonka ah in ay qorshe isla meeldhigaan dhamaystiran. qorshahaas oo noqonkara qorshe laga gadikaro soona jiidankara shacabweynaha dibedjooga ah ee reer Tanadlan, una fududeyn kara in dalkooda degaan, warshadeyn iyo mashaariic ganacsi oo tayo leh ay ka hirgeliyaan.
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»(Dr.Siciid Xaakin Axmed Karraani) Markuu Rabi Oofsaday!!, Tanadland Waxaa Ka Godgalay Caalin Culuunta Soosaaridda Macdanta iyo Biyaha Ku Xeeldheer Oo Naadir Ah. 15 Oct 2013
(TL) Taariikhdu markii ay ahayd (22/07/2011) waxaa magaalada Calgery ee wadanka Canada ku geeriyoodey, Nin dalkiisa iyo dadkiisaba wax badan soo taray. Qiimo weyn iyo qadarin balaaranna ku leh mushtamaca reer tanadland iyo soomaalida inteeda kale. (Dr. Siciid Axmed Karraani) mar wuxuu ahaa aqoonyahan ku xeeldheer culuunta uu ku taqasusay oo heerka ugu sareeya ka gaarey. Marna wuxuu ahaa xeer-ilaaliye lagubartay dhawridda dhaqanwanaagii laguyiqiin aabihiis (Xaakin Axmed Karaani), Marna wuxuu ahaa beeldaaje caqli badan oo lagu hirto taladiisana ay umadu ku meelmarto sida aabihiis. Marka laga hadlahayo xeerarka reer miyiga soomaalida, Xeerka "xoolo-goyntu" waa dhaqan qadiim ah oo kumanaan sanaddood lagu soo dhaqmijirey. Laakiin marka ay noqoto dadka reer beledka ah oo ah reer tanadland, Dhaqanka "xoolo-goyntu" waa dhawaan-soogal kamana uusan horeyn 1940 kii. Ninka laysku waafaqsanyahay in uu sameeyey xeerka "xoolo-goynta" reer magaalka tanadland wuxuu ahaa (Xaakin Axmed Karaani).
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»Abwaan (Cabdinaasir Cali Daahir "Dhegadheere") Oo Ka Qayb Qaatay Barnaamijka Hilinka Suugaanta Soomaaliyeed. Waxaana Halakan Idiinkugu Haynaa Labo Gabay Oo U Ka Tiriyey Labo Munaasibadood Oo Kala Duwan 15 Oct 2013
Barnaamijka hilinka suugaanta Soomaaliyeed Oo La Qabtay Sanadkaan Aynu Ku Jirno Ee 2010 Hoos Ka Fiirso.
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»Ol-Olaha Loolanka Doorashada Ee (Sadik Warfa) Oo Meel Xasaasi Ah Marahaya Iyo Xaflad Qurxoon Oo Lagu Taageerahayo oo Loo Sameeyey. 15 Oct 2013
Filimka Labaad ee ka hadlahaya Ol-olaha Mudane (Sadik Warfa) Hoos ka fiirso.
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